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Full text of "Minutes of the North Carolina and Virginia Christian Conference … 1861"

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met pursuant to adjournment, and the President and Vice- 
President of the last session both being absent at the time, 
the body was called to order by the Secretary, Elder Solomon 

On motion of S. Apple, Elder T. J. Fowler was chosen 
Chairman pro tem. Conference then opened with singing and 
prayer by S. Apple. 

On motion, the following brethren were appointed a com- 
mittee to nominate permanent officers for the Conference, viz: 
J. McCalloch, G. G. Walker, Dr. S. J. Moffit, J. W. Hatch. 
After a short retirement, the committee returned and' recom- 
mended the following brethren, to wit: For President, Elder 
S. Apple; for Vice-President, Elder J. R. Holt; for Secretary, 
Fider B. N.Hopkins; for Assistant Secretary, W. J. Gragson. 
The vote being taken, the above named brethren were unani- 
mously elected.. 

On motion, the names of the ministers and. delegates wero 

Elmers Present. — G. G. -Walker, J. W. Welions, B. N. Hop- 
kins, D. T. Deaues, W.-N. Bragg, 'IV G. Craven,. J. MeCulloch, 
T. J. ■ FovvlerlH. B. Hayes, J. N. Manning, S.- Apple, A. 
Franks, J. R. Holt, J.-N. Farrell, P. W. Allen, R. G. Tinnin, 
J. I. Hobby, Wm. M. Craven. 

Elders Absent. — J. Albright, W*H. Doherty, A. Iseiey, A. 
Apple, L- Lambeth, W. S. Jordan, Wm.. Rollins, J. Gunter, 
A. G. - Anderson, A. S. Nelson, Thos.. Truitt, A. Craven, 
Chajtien Allen, J. S. Swift. 

Licentiates Present. — W.«S.-Long, John Goodrich, C. A. 

Licentiates AbsenL ■ — L,- C. Madison, A. T. Rich, Abner 
Apple, J. S. Lawrence. - 

[For list of Delegates see Statistical Table.] 

On motion, the letters from the various churches were call- 
ed for and received. 

On motion, the President was authorized to appoint the usu- 
al committees, and requested to announce the committee on 
religious exercises to-night. The Chair announced, on Reli- 
gious Exercises, T,~ J. Fowler, J. W. Hatch, A. Moring. 

Conference then adjourned to meet to-morrow morning at 
<i o'clock. Prayer by Elder J. W. Wellons. 

October 10, 9 o'clock, A. M. 
Conference convened. Singing aad prayerby Eldsr T. 0' 

en. /Che minutes o*f4ast evenings session were read and 


On motion o*f B.^J. Hopki^l, W.lft^rragson was excused 

from the post ofgA.s , ^^n ( y^retar ) ^^ | ^ , C A. Apple was 

chosen to fill his pis 

The Chair announcl!! 1 Hi foll^ing committees : 

On Ordination.— J.R.Holt, J.McOulloch, G. G.Walker, II. 
B. Hayes, T. J. Fowler. 

On the Standing and Character of Ministers, — A. Moring, 
M. C. Winston, J. W. Boyd, J. Freeman, Dr. S. J. Moffit. 

On Itinerancy. — J. McCulloch, W. K. Martin, R. Maynard, 
J. W< Hatch, M. Murchison, M. J. Fulp, W. D. Moffit. 

On Home Missions. — J. N. Manning, B. N. Hopkins> G. G. 

On Statistics. — H. B. Hayes, W. N. Bragg, J. W. Wellons. 
On Temperance. — D. T. Deanes, T. G. Craven, J. Goodrich. 
On Sabbath Schools. — G. G. Walker, W. S. Long, W. II. 

On Finance. — W. J. Gragson, M. McCauley, J. J. Jenkins. 

On Examination of Candidates for License. — B. N. Hop- 
kins, J. R. Holt, J. N. Manning, T. J. Fowler. 

On Memoirs. — J. R. Holt, C. A, Apple, A. Franks. 

On Periodicals, — J. W. Wellons, H. B. Hayes, W. N. Bragg, 

On Motion of J. N. Manning, it was resolved that Elder E. 
W. Beale, of the Eastern Virginia Conference, be received as 
an Elder in, and a member of this body* 

On motion the Chairman was requested to |,ppoint a com- 
mittee on unfinished business. The Chair appointed J. N. 
Farrell, J. C. Holt, E^ W. Beale, said committee. 

W. N. Bragg offered the following resolution: 

Resolved, That the chair appoint a special committee of 
five to devise a plan for dividing the Conference into districts. 

T. J. Fowler moved to amend by striking out all after the 
word "five," and causing it to read as follows : 

Resolved, That the chair appoint a special committee of 
five to consider the ^propriety of districting the Conference, 
and if they shall consider such a measure proper, they are 
requested 'to devise a suitable plan for that purpose. The 
resolution as amended was agreed to. 

The chair announced the following brethren as a commit- 
tee under the above resolution, viz : 

W. K. Martin, A. Moring, J. W. Hatch, J. N. Manning, T. 
J. Fowler. 

On motion, the names of the President and Vice President 
were added to the committee. 

J. N. Manning offered a preamble and resolutions relative 
to the literary acquirements of candidates for license and for 
ordination, which was received. J. McCulloch moved its 
adoption, and pending the discussion Conference adjourned to 
meet a* 2. o'clock, P. M. 


October 10, 1 o'clock, P. M, 

Conference convened. On motion of G, Gt Walker, the 
Rev. Mr. Ellis and- the Rev. Mr, Churchell, of the Baptist 
Church, who were present, were invited to take seats in Con- 
ference as honorary members. " 

The pending question was then taken up, and after much 
discussion was referred to a special committee of five to be 
appointed by the chair, The chair announced J. R. Holt, J. 
N. Manning, J. McCulloch, E. W, Beale, and J. W. Wellons 
said committee, 

On motion of G. G. "Walker, the moneys contributed by 
the various churches for the Conference Fund were called 
for and received. [See Appendix.] 

The report of the Conference committee was presented by 
the chairman, Elder J. N, Manning, and, on motion, was re- 
ceived. The committee report that the charges preferred by 
the Raleigh Church against Elders Bragg and Hayes were not 
sustained, and also recommended that the Raleigh church be 
stricken from the list of churches. On motion of T. J. Fow- 
ler, the report was adopted. [The report, on account of its 
length, is omitted,] 

A Elder D. T. Deancs presented a petition from the church at 
^Liberty Hill, Moore county, N. C, praying for admission into 
this body, which prayer was unanimously granted by Con- 
ference. Conference then adjourned to meet to-morrow 
morning at 9 o'clock. Singing and prayer by Elder J. W. 

October 11, 9 o'clock, A, M, 
Conference convened. Singing and prayer by Elder P. W. 
Allen. The minutes of yesterday were read and approved. 

The committee to whom was referred the subject of dis- 
tricting the Conference, presentod their report which was re- 
ceived. J. W. Wellons moved to consider the report by 
articles. Agreed to. 

B. N. Hopkins offered a substitute for the third article, 
which was adopted. J. R. Holt moved to amend tne 4th 
article by inserting "annual" before the word '-Conference." 
Agreed to. The report, with the above amendments, were 
adopted as a whole. The report, as finally adopted, read as 
follows ; 

Whereas, The present system for supplying the churchesf 
of this Conference with ministerial labor, and otherwise 
meeting their moral wants, and protecting their local inferests 
is deficient, therefore, 

Resolved, That we adopt the following 
Plan for organizing the Churches of the North Carolina ami 

Virginia Christian Conference, so that they can be the bet- 

UiX supplied with ministerial labor, & c . 

Article I. ^-The Conference shall bo divided into distriels 

or associations, each district to contain a sufficient number of 
churches or preaching places to secure the services of an 
efficient minister. ^ 

Article II. — These divisions shall bo called -*Associati6a* 
of Churches," and shall be numbered and enrolled upon tliS 
minutes of the Conference. 

Article III. — Each of these associations may hold an- 
annnual meeting, composed of such a number of delegates- 
from the individual churches as may be mutually agrejed' 
upon., Said meeting may be held at any time preceding t he 
Annual Conference, and' may transact such business a> per- 
tains to its own- local interest. 

Atitjcle IV.— Whenever a difficulty of any kind shall arise 
in, an individual churchy and the church cannot settle ij, the 
othor -churches of the association with which it is con nee fed ' 
may be called in to aid in its adjustment, and if they cannot 
determine it, the matter may be brought before the next An- 
nual Conference. 

Article V. — The associations may proceed in the ?am? 
way. .to procure the services of a minister that the individual* 
chiirchas have formerly done, and if they leave the matter 
undetermined or neglected, their- wants may be supplied by 
Conference in the same: manner as t hose of the individual.' 
churches have been heretofore. 

IXc sp e c t fully s tils n i fete <| 

W. K. MARTIN, chairman. 

*!. N. Manning offered the follow ing resolution: 
Resoived, That Conference appoint a committee of se^en 
ministers and one delegate from each church represented to 
divide the Conference according to the plan proposed, and to 
report to this body.,. . '_ '/" 

J... W. .Hatch j .reposed' to amend by striking out' "Cbnfeit- 
ei)( ;:e" from the iirst clause, and inserting the words --the-, 
chair," in its place. Agreed to. The resolution as thus 
amended was adopted. The special committee to which was 
referred the preamble and resolutions offered by J. N. Man- 
ning brought .in theif report," which was received, • K K. 
Hopkins moved to amend the first section by inserting 
'•Church History," Agreed to. The report,, as amende*, 
was' adopted, and reads as follows: 

Wheceas, The cause of liberal Christianity has suffered 
rn :ch for the want of* a well educated ministry, and as the de- 
ficiency of ministerial qualifications is so apparent, it is not a 
rmv/ier of surprise that our principles have not been mora 
extensively propagated. For it is absolutely necessary that 
the intellectual attainments of the clergy should equal th« 
neiitar training of the laity, and as the numerous schools of- 
the country arc offering liberal advantages to the common 
pooplc, the preacher should not fail ti>- receive, likawiae, tfce 

full benefit of academical learning. An3 as a necessity for 
raising the standard of education among the 'ministry thus 
arises, Therefore, * 

Itesolved, That we earnestly recommend that every can- 
didate applying to this Conference for license, shall, in addi- 
tion to the requisite moral qualifications, be able to pass a 
fair examination in the following branches of learning, viz: — - 
Geography, Arithmetic, English Grammar, Bible History, 
Church History, and the histories of England and the United 

Resolved) further, That we would recommend that every 
applicant for ordination shall, in addition to the requisite 
moral qualifications, pass a fair examination in the following 
studies, viz : — -Geography ; to include Ancient, Modern and 
Sacred ; Comprehensive, or High School Arithmetic ; Analyt- 
ical English Grammar, Profane History, to include the histo- 
ries of Greece and Rome, ancient and modern ; European and 
United States 'History ; Ecclesiastical History; Moral Philoso- 
phy, and Sacred Rhetoric, 

This Conference would likewise recommend the study of 
the Classics, and the reading of the Scriptures ''in the ancient 
languages. Respectfnlty Submitted, 

J. R. HOLT, 'Churn. 

B. N. Hopkins olfered the following resolution.: 

Resolved, That the following brethren be, and are hereby, 
appointed an examining committee, whose duty it shail be to 
examine all candidates for the ministry at our next annual 
Conference, viz: — J. R. Holt, J. N. Manning, S. Apple, T. J. 
Fowler, A. 6. Anderson, and A. Xseley. 

J. N. Manning moved to amend, by adding the name of the 
mover of the resolution. Agreed to. The resolution as 
amended was adopted. 

On motion of B. N. Hopkins, it was 

Resolved, That Bro, C. A. Apple deliver the next annual 
address before the Conference, and that Bro. W. S. Long be 
appointed his alternate. 

The Chair then announced the following committee under 
the resolution of Elder Manning in regard to districting the 
Conference, viz, : 

Ministers :— B. N. Hopkins, T. J. Fowler, It. G. Tinnin, P. W. Allen 
V. T. Deanes, W. N. Bragg, J. McCdloch. 

Obligate!*.— Wm. Fan ell, J. J* Jenkins, P. R. Jones, A. Ufley, Jas* 
G .inter, B. Sear?, Bion Mitchell, D. Oldbam,©. T. Farmer, .J. T. Moffif,, 
.trio. Ganger, W.K.Martin, M D. Strowd, I. P. Pillaid, S. Beckwiih 
Vv\M.G. Brady, A. G. Williams, O. Vestal, Jno. Jones, S. Edwards, 
K. Parish, fi. MaynaTd, W. Pauxe, G. C Boon, M. J. Falp, J. C. Holt, L. 
B« Mabry, D. Thornac 

Conference then adjourned ,to meet at ,7 o'clock, p.. m. 

October 11th, 7 o'clock, r. m. 
Conference convened. On motion of J.. McCuIloch, EM. W. 

B. Wellons, messenger from the Eastern Virginia Conference, 
was invietd to a seat in this body, as a deliberative 
member. The committee appointed to examine candidates 
or the ministry made the following report which was receiv- 
ed and adopted : 

Report. — The committee on licentiates would recommend 
that W. K. Martin, W» D e Moffitt, W. H. Franks, and P. R. 
Jones be licensed by this Conference to exercise their minis- 
terial gifts as the Good Spirit may direct. 

J. R. HOLT, Chm'n. 

The committee on the character and standing of the minis- 
try, handed in their report which was received and adopted. 

Report. — We, your committee on the character and stand- 
ing of the ministry, beg leave to report, that after a careful 
investigation, we find all our ministers in good standing ex- 
cept the following: 

L We are pained to be under the necessity of reporting Eld. 
J. I. Hobby as having acted inconsistently with the character 
of a christian minister, in several instances which we deem 
imprudent to bring before your body ; and we recommend 
that the chair appoint a select committee further to investi- 
gate the case and decide thereon. 

II* We further feel under the painful necessity of bringing 
before Conference the case of Dr. J. B. Hinton, who has not 
acted with that brotherly love that should characterize every 
christian minister. And having made an announcement in 
the Christian Sun that he no longer considers himself a mem- 
ber of this body, we therefore recommend Conference to take 
his case into consideration, and to discharge this Committee 
from further action thereon. 

Ill* The case of Prof. W. H. Doherty has also been inves- 
tigated by us, and we very much regret to be under the ne- 
cessity of reporting him for intemperance and falsehood. ' We 
submit his case to Conference for further consideration. All 
of which is respectfully submitted A. MORNIG, Chm'n. 

The chair announced the following committee on the case of 
Eld. Hobby, viz : — H. B. Hayes, G. G. Walker, P. W. Allen, 
M. McOauley, Wm. Ferral. On motion of B. N. Hopkins it 

"Resolved, That the name of T)c. J. B Hmton be stricken from our list 
of ministers, for reasons satisfactory to the Conference. 

On motion of J. N. Manning the case of Eld. Doherty was 
referred to the Conference committee. 

The committee appointed to district the Conference pre- 
sented the following report which was received and adopted ; 

Report. — The committee to whom was referred the dist- 
ricting of the Conference, would offer, after due deliberation, 
the following report, viz: 

Dan Ri7er Association, District No. 1.— Reece'a Chapel, Pleasant' 
Grove, Saitoh, Union Chapel, and Midway. 


Tin tirvEB Association, District No. 2.— Mt. Auburn, Fuller's, Oak 
Gvove, Liberty Hill, Pope's Chapel, Good Hope. 

New Hops Association, District No. 3.— 'Kelly's Chapsl, Damascus, 
Hank's Chapel, Martha's Chape). 

Middle Ckkee Association, District No. 4.— Pleasant Springs, Wake 
Chapel, Christian Chapel, Pleasant Hill, Ut tley's School House. 

Cape Fear Association, District No. 5.— Shallow Well, Moore Union, 
Zion, Antioch, Bell's Bethel* 

Moore Association, District No. 6.— -Pleasant Grove, Christian Union, 
Shady Grove, Brown's Chapel, Liberty Grove, New Salem, Acorn Ridge. 

Deep River Association, District No. 7 — Pleasant Hill, Shiloh, Parks 
Cross Roads. Pleasant Ridge. 

Haw River Association, District No. 8.— New Providence. Mt. Zion. 

Shallow Ford Association, District No. 10. — Hines' Chapel, Brown's 
Chapel, Mt. Bethel, Gant's Chapel, Ebenezer, Salem Chapel, Pine Ridge. 

Lebanon Station, No. 11 — Lebanon, 

Newbern Station, No. 12— Newbern. 

Wilmington Station, No. 13 -Wilmington. 

Alamance Station, No. 14. — Union Chapel. 
Respectfully Submitted, B. N. H0PK1N3, Chm'n. 

On motion of T* J 4 Fowler, Rev, Mr. Farrington, of the M. 
E. Church, was invited to a seat as an honorary member of 
this body. 

On motion of J. McCulloch, Bros. J. R, Holt, J, N. Man- 
ning, and W. EL Read were appointed a Conference committee 
for the ensuing year* 

On Motion of A. Moring, it was Resolved, That Conference 
go into the election of delegates to the next session of the 
Southern Christian Convention to-morrow morning at the 
opening of the session. 

The committee on Temperance brought in the following 
report, which was received and adopted : 

Report. — We, your committee on Temperance, beg leave to 
report to your body, That, whereas, the history of the 
past, and the observation of the present assure us that 
king Alcohol has, for upwards of six hundred years, swayed 
his dark sceptre of death over the nations of the earth, blast- 
ing the brightest hopes of the youthful imagination, paraly- 
zing the vigorous arm of manhood, destroying the usefulness 
of the most brilliant minds of our country, and bringing their 
bodies to an untimely grave. And, whereas y he has transform- 
ed the sterner sex into minions of Satan, thereby blanching 
the cheek of many a fair daughter of Eve, no more to bloom 
on earth, therefore, 

Resolved, That we, as a Conference, disapprobate the ma- 
king, vending or using, as a beverage, all Alcoholic liquors ; 
and we recommend that every minister connected with this 
body, deliver a lecture to each church of his charge during 
the present Conference year, and present similar resolutions 
on the subject, to be received or rejected as they, in their wis- 
dom, may think fit. Respectfully submitted, 

D. T. DEANES, chm'n. 


/On motion of J. N. Manning, Conference went into the 
/election of delegates to .represent it in the .next session of th« 
Eastern Virginia Conference. The following brethren were 
chosen, tiz: W. K. Martin, J. N* Manning, J, W. Wellone. 
The ministers then handed in their-reports. (See Appendix .) 

-Conference then adjourned to meet to-morrow at 9 o'clock, 
x. w. Singing and prayer by B„ N„ Hopkins. 

October 12th, 9 o'ciock, a. m.. 
Conference convened. Singing and prayer by J. N. Far- 
reli. Minutes of yesterday read and approved. Conference 
went into an -election of delegates to the Convention. 
The following brethren were chosen, viz : 
ELDERS :— T. J. Fowler, B. N. Hopkins, A.. G. Anderson, J. N. Man 
ning, J. R. Holt, A. Iseloy, S. Apple, J. McCulioch, E. W. Beale, and 
G. G. Walker. 

LAYMEN. — \. Moring, J. W.. Haton, E- F,. Watson ,Jno. Faucette, 
W. H. Read, H. Harbour, Dr. S. J. AJoffitt, M. C, Winston, a F. Fau- 
cette, P. R. Harden. 

On motion of J. McCulloch, Elders J., R.Holt and T. J. 
Fowler and Dr. S. J. Moffit were appointed a committee to 
express the feeling of this body in regard to the present crisis 
of the country. The committee on Ordination presented the 
following report, which was received and adopted : 

Report. — The committee on ordination report as follows 
W e have several young brethren who promise great useful- 
ness, and wht®, we believe, from their knowledge and zeal 
might, with great propriety, be invested with the functions of 
Elder, yet considering the shortness of time they have been 
engaged in the ministry, and the very responsible position of 
an Elder in the church, we do not deem it advisable to present 
the names of any for ordination at the present session of the 
Conference. Respectfully Submitted, 

J. R. Holt, Chxn'n.* 

.Conference adjourned to meet at % o'clock, r> m. 

October 12th 2 o'clock, p, 3*. 
.Conterence convened. The committee on unfinished busi- 
ness presented the following report, which was received ,and 

adopted : 

Report : — Your committee on unfinished business, beg 
leave to report that no unfinished business has come before 
us, and we recommend; that for the future, this committee be 
discontinued. Respectfully submitted, 

J. N. FARRELL, Chm'zu 

W,. K. Martin moved to appoint a committee of two to con- 


fex with Elder W. B, Wcllons in regard to the printing of 
the Minutes. Agreed to. The chair appointed W. K. Martin 
and J. W. Hatch said committee. On motion of C. A. Apple 
it was 

liesolved, That, onr e incere thanks be, and are hereby, tenderrd Co 
fha brethien audfrierds, around Hank's Chanel, lor their kind and hos- 
pitable treatment of the ministers and delegates of this Conference. 

The committee appointed "to, confer with the Editor of the 
Christian Sun, made their report, recommending that the 
minutes be printed in pamphlet form. On motion, the vote 
of the. churches was called to ascertain how much each would 
pay for minutes. On motion, 

Ordered, That the minutes of the Coherence be printed at tlje office 
of tLe Christian Sua. 

Ordered. That the amtunts contributed by the various churches be in- 
creased to $14 50 o it or' the Conference lund. 

Ordered, That the amount due E der W. B. Wellons, for printing the 
annual address of last year, be paid him by the Treasurer, out of the 
Conference fund, on presentation of his claim. 

The committee on Periodicals .presented the following re- 
port, which was received and adopted: 

Report:* — Your committee -on iPeriodicals, beg leave to 
report-: — We conceive that we of the Christian connection in 
the South, can fully appreciate the advantages arising from a 
well-conducted periodical — such an one as we conceive the 
Christian Sun to be. A good religious newspaper has ever 
proved itself to be a welcome messenger to the truly pious 
individual, and more especially to the devoted family circle , 
It is, in fact, a rich treasure to be possessed and enjoyed, in 
which may be found gems of inestimable value. It is ever 
attractive, entertaining and instructive to the intelligent mind.. 
Who then, we ask, that truly appreciates its worth, would 
Willingly be dispossessed .of it ? 

But, like the human system, it cannot live without it he 
means of support. It is therefore .necessary that the foster- 
ing care of its friends should. at all times be extended toward 
it. The Christian Sun is the only periodical v of jthe Christian 
connexion in the Confederate States, and what twoukl be our 
loss, as a people in the ^outh, should .its light go out in these 
times of revolution.? Your committee would not, cannot, un- 
dertake to estimate .the loss:! Let every lover, then, of our 
paper, bestir himself in its support lest it should unhappily 
share the fate of its contemporaries. We therefore urge upon 
the brotherhood everywhere the propriety of unremitting 
diligence in its extension and support. 

'Respectfully submitted, 


The committee appointed to prepare suitable preamble and 
resolutions on the state of the country presented the follow- 
ing report which was unanimously received and adopted : 

Committee's Report on the present distressed state of the 
country, presented and adopted at the late session of tljie 


North Carolina Christian Conference. Elders John R. Holt 
and Thomas J. Fowler and Di\ S. J. Moffit composed the 
committe. The committee on the present distressed state of 
the country, beg leave to report the following; 

Whereas, All religious denominations receive protection 
from the civil government, and thus, Providentially enjoy all 
their denominational rights and privileges undiminished, when 
that government is in a peaceable and healthy condition ; 

And whereas, All churches must suffer an identical de- 
cline, or enjoy a common prosperity just as a condition of 
misfortune or salutary progress is suffered or enjoyed by 
the country ; 

And further whereas, causes have arisen which have led 
to a separation of the Southern or slaveholding States from 
the old Union,* and the two sections are in a belligerent atti- 
tude, engaged in a solemn and sanguinary war ; 

And whereas, All the churches in the land must uecessari- 
ly share the anxieties, burdens and distress of this momen- 
tous crisis ; therefore, 

Resolved, That we as a denomination through the Confer- 
ence, would give expression of our views and feelings briefly 
upon the subject. 

1. That the Southern Confederacy is not at all responsible 
for the war that is now raging. 

2. That we well understand the motive which has induced 
a mere section of the government to assume to constitute that 
government still, and to attempt to coerce the other section 
into an involuntary connection with it ; and that the one rul- 
ing idea of abolition, unjust and unholy as it i s. has urged 
them to this audacious, mad and fratricidal policy, and that 
they alone are responsible for the war with all its calamities 
and horrors. 

3. That without claiming any further right than belongs to 
every individual and every community peaceably and public- 
ly to express opinions upon all matters of any public import- 
ance, we would meekly, though decidedly, give expression 
of our sympathies with and for the Southern Confederacy, irr 
her struggle for independence. 

4. That the cause of our injured country shall be made a 
subject of prayer; also, our public officers, both civil and 
military; and our noble army should be made special subject 
of prayer, by all our ministers and members, in the true spirit 
of prayer, until our oppressors ashamed of their iniquitous 
work, shall abandon it, peace be again restored, and our in- 
dependence secured. 

5. That we have many reasons which give us confidence to 
believs that a graeious Providence is smiling upon us, hence 
we will still look to Him for help. We will be careful that 
inflation and pride shall not follow the issue, that the glory of 
God and the good of men may be the result. 

J. R, HOLT, chm'n. 


The commiteee on Finance presented the following report 
which was received and adopted ; 

Report. — Your committee, on Finance beg leave to re- 
port: That we have examined the accounts of T, J. Fowler, 
Conference Treasurer, and find that he stands charged with 
the following amounts : 

To cash on hand, 1860, $170 37 

By cash for minutes of 1860, $45 75 

By cash paid to Mrs. Kerr, 20 00 

By « « « Evans, 20 00 

By « « « Cole, 20 00 

Tra. Ex. of S. Apple to Raleigh by order of 

Conference Committee, 14 70 

Tra. Ex. of P. W, Allen to East Va. Conf. 8 50 
Tra. Ex. of J. N. Manning per order of 

Conference committee, 15 75 144 70 

Balance in hand for I860, $25 67 

Received present year, 51 68 

Total amount in hand, $77 35 

Respectfully submitted, 

W. J. GRAGSON, chm'm 

The committee on Home Missions made the following re- 
port, which was recoived and adopted: 

Report, — The committee on Home Missions report : That 
the subject is one of superior importance, and should be well 
considered by all who are friendly to the propagation and 
spread of religious truth* 

Your committee would recommend that every minister and 
member of "Conference act as an agent during the coming 
year in procuring annual and life members of the Home 
Missionary Society., and that they use their best efforts to in- 
crease the funds of the Society as much as possible, 
Respectfully submitted, 

J. N. MANNING* chm'n. 

The committee on the case of Eld, Hobby made the follow- 
ing report, which was adopted : 

Report. — The committee to whom was referred the 
case of Eld . J. I. Hobby, beg leave to report : That, after a 
careful and patient investigation of the matter, in the exami- 
nation of witnesses, together with his own statements, we 
are of the unanimous opinion that the said Eld. J. I. Hobby 
has been guilty of conduct unbecoming a christian minister, 
and we recommend that he be suspended from the exercise of 
his ministerial functions for the space of twelve months. And 
we further recommend that the said Eld. Hobby at the ex- 
piration of the time aforesaid be restored: Provided, how- 
ever, that his deportment during that period be suck as be- 
comes a minister of the Gospel of Christ. 

Respectfully submitted,. 

H. B. HAYES, ch-m'n. 


The committee appointed to correspond with .the Freewill 
baptists presented the following report which was received 
and adopted : 

.Report. — Your committee appointed at your J<«?t an- 
nual session to correspond with the Freewill Baptist Confcr- 
ence> heir leave to report: That Trom the partial correspon- 
dence we have been able to hold with that body of christians, 
we find that they reciprocate our- christian regards, and that 
they have given us to understand that they .intend to change 
the sittings of their Conference so as to send a messenger to 
our next annual session to confer more fully on their contc is- 
olated union with -us. -We therefore recommend that a com- 
mittee be appointed to continue the correspondence until our 
next annual session. Respectfully submitted, 

D. T. DEANES, chmVu 

The chafe" announced the following committee to corres- 
pond with the Freewill Baptists, viz ; .. J. Fowler, J. N\ 
Farrell, II. B. Hayes. .he committee on Sabbath Sahoota 
made the following report, which was received and adopted--: 

Rspokt. — Your committee on Sabbath Schools beg leave 
to report: i hat when w<o consider what amount of good has 
been effected by Sabbath Schools : and knowjng as we do, 
that our ministers are. fully aware of their beneficial influence 
upon the minds of the people, and in preparing the old, and 
more especially the young, for the reception of the truths of 
the Gospel, we are surprised to see "how little attention is 
paid to this means of spreading morality and religion among 
the masses within the bounds of our Conference. We would 
therefore recommend that each minister endeavor to estab- 
lish a Sabbath School at each of the churches of his charge, 
and not sutler this noble cause, which would be so efficient in 
..assisting the cause of Christianity, to languish for want of ad- 
vocates and supporters. Respectfully submitted, 

G. G. WALKER, Chra'm 

Conference then adjourned to .meet at 7 o'clock,. e. n. 

October 12th., 7 o'clock, r. m. 

Conference convened. The committee on Statistics brought 
in their report, which was received and adopted. See Appen- 

The committee on Memoirs stated that on account of the 
pressure of business, they were not. able to make any formal 
report ; and asked leave to notice the life and death of Elder 
,\. II. Inland through the Christian Sun, which., on motion, was 

,The .committee on Itinerancy presented the following report 
which was received and adopted.: 
.ILei'ort.-- Your committee on Itinerancy beg leave to report: 


That they have been enabled to supply the following Associa- 

fcioriK v^ith ministers, viz: — 

Dan River Association, District No.- 1, Wmv Si... Long 

Tar River Association,. f 2, J. N. Manning 

New Hope Association, " 3, Thos. J. Fowier 

Middle Creek " "' 4, J. N.. Farrell 

Cape* Fear " f 5, John Goodrico. 

Mao re.. * *" G, — 

Deep; River h 7, — 

Haw River * " 8, 

Shallow. Ford « " 9. • — — 

Salem Chapel « * 10, B. N. Hopkins 

Lebanon. Station, " 11, Solomon Anple 

Newborn " ; < P2, — — — 

Alamance »« w 13, 

Wilmington* " 14, — 

<J. \V.»W-elions goes to the Eastern Virginia Conference. 
Respectfully submitted, J 

Mcculloch chm n. 

[N. B..*— Those left blank, being unrepresented, were left to 
supply themselues, — Sec] 

On motion of J. McCuiloch, it was Resolved, That the next 
session of Conference be held with* the church at Damascus-, 
Orange Co., N. C. 

On motion of J. McCuiloch, Bro. C.A.Apple was request- 
ed to prepare the minutes of Conference for the press. 

On motion of E. W Beale the thanks of the Conference were 
unanimously tendered to its officers for "their faithful ancLef- 
iicient services. 

A motion to adjourn being made and seconded, several brief 
but touching and pathetic addresses were made by Elder W: 
B. Welions and others. 

The motion being put and carried, an appropriate hymn 
was sung and a fervent and soul stirring prayer was offered 
by Elder J. R. Holt. After singing that old, but ever beau- 
tiful hymn beginning with, 

Ween I cm read my tiole clear, 
during which time, tears were shedj hands were pressed, and 
brethren ; embraced in the hepe of .an eternal re-union where 
41 parting is no mo more," Conference adjourned to meet at 
Damascus, Orange county, -N, .C, on Wednesday evening be- 
fore the 2nd Sabbath in October 18G2. 

SOLOMON APPLE, President. 

B. N. KorKiNs, Secretary, 

C^A».Apple, Assistant Secretary. 

•paid ! <° 

QO t~r-4 00 !>■ "«* CO 00 rH 

•C 5 



~ 03 

a«. . . 

4* a arte? cfgo a £ 

=3 a 'a -S a> " 




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I* 3M 

rj 00 — — 00 



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a a a « S w 

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i— 1 r-i i— 1 

MOt^-^t-t-CSt-U-jHCSrH CO IC9 

i— i 

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CS t- LO o hhm 
I— 1 I— 1 

CO i— 1 | ^ 
1 r-« 

P OhDKfafi]QtflQc0 <j rfl <ti -<i O ^ W G >-» 



B-dlbw we give the names of all the churches which sent \ip- 

money for the Conference fund. 

Pleasant Grove, Va ; $5; Union, Alamance, N. C, $7 50 ; 
Pleasant Hill, Chatham, $2 ; Mt,. Auburn, $5 ; Pope's Chapel, 
$2 40 ; Shallow Ford, $5 94 ; Hanks 5 Chapel, $7 ; O'Kelly's 
Chapel, $7 78 ; Union, Va., $4 (>;>; Lebanon. $4 j-Damascus, $1 65. • 

When we reflect how important this fund is. we are surpris- 
ed to see how few of our churches contribute for it. We were 
obliged this year, when it was most needed, to omit the ap- 
propriations to the widows ah ■orphans- of deceased minister.-*. ► 
Can the church': bear to see the widows and children of minis- 
ters, who have worn themseh es out in its service, suffer for 
want of the necessaries of life ? Secretary. 


From the very imperfect reports handid in from a portion 1 
oaly of our ministers, we make the following synopsis : — Ser- 
mons preached, 915; Received in fellowship, 176; Baptized, 
92 ; Married, (couples,) 26 5 Funeral Sermons, 23. 

Minutes of the Home Missionary Society — The Home Mis- 
sionary Society of the North Carolina and. Virginia Christian 
Conference met pursuant to adjournment, at Hanks' Chapel, 
Chatham Co,, N. C, on the 12th of October, 1801. 

On motion, W. K. Martin, Esq., was called to the chair, and 
E. W. Beale acted as secretary pro- tem. An election was 
held for officers for the next conference year, which resulted 
as follows : — Rev. A. G. Anderson, Pres't.; Rev. A. Iseley, 
Vice President; Dr. E. F. Watson, Sec'y., and Rev. Josiah 
McCulloch, Treasurer. On motion, the chair appointed a 
committee of three to audit the Treasurer's account.. On -mo- 
tion the chair appointed a committee of 3 to enquire into Bro. 
P. Wi Allen's losses while at Newbern. The committee ap- 
pointed to audit the Treasurer's accounts, handed in a report, 
which was received and adopted. On motion, Bro. Allen was 
allowed an order on the Treasurer for an amount in propor- 
tion to services rendered the Newbern church. 

On motion Bro3. Allen and Hayes were allowed interest on their or- 
ders from date of the same. On motion, the vftlte of Elder JoM&h Mc- 
Culloch was made a life member of the Society. The Society then ad- 
journed to meet with the next session of the N'. C. and Va. CtmstUu 
Conference at Damascus church, Orange county, N. C., in October, ISQl. 

W..K, MARTIN, Chairman. 

K. W.Bsalk, Sec'y. 


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